Harlem Shake (Video credit: Youtube.com)
Landmark Strain (Video Credit: Ev Yemini)
NeuroPAL (Video credit: Ev Yemini)
Noninvasive Imaging beyond the Diffraction Limit of 3D Dynamics (Video Credit Gao, et. al. Cell 2012)
How dauer worms try to hitch a ride: Nictation behavior (Video credit: Youtube.com)
Cholinergic and glutamatergic neurons in the worm brain (credit: Laura Pereira and Esther Serrano)
Online Developmental Biology: Introduction to C. elegans (Video Credit: Jason Pellettieri)
C. elegans knows you’re watching! (Video Credit: Jesper Pedersen)
R rated movie of male and hermaphrodite after candle light dinner
(Video credit: Rene Garcia, Sternberg lab (Caltech))
Worms on a plate
(Video credit: Bowerman Lab, University of Oregon)
Seeing an embryo develop live
(Video credit: Goldstein lab, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
A brief introduction to C. elegans (Video credit: OpenWorm.org)
The ASER neuron, visualized with gcy-5::gfp
(Video credit: David Miller, Vanderbilt University)
Visualizing embryogenesis with labeled histone reporter
(Video credit: Waterston lab)
ric-4::gfp; rab-3::rfp (surface rendering)(Video credit: Ines Carrera)
All dopaminergic neurons of C.elegans, visualzed with a dat-1::gfp reporter
(Video credit: Randy Blakely, Vanderbilt University)
ric-4::gfp; rab-3::rfp (Video credit: Ines Carrera)
eat-4::gfp; rab-3::rfp (Video Credit: Ines Carrera)