PHA neuron (upper) and AVA neuron (lower)
(Image credit: Emily Bayer)
AWC neuron
(Image credit: Kelly Howell)
PHC in the male (upper) and hermaphrodite (lower)
(Image credit: Esther Serrano)
Cholinegic motor neurons
(Image credit: Paschalis Kratsios)
Nervous System of the Worm
(Image credit: Nikos Stefanakis)
rab-3::rfp labeled retrovesicular ganglion (inverted image)
(Image credit: Nikos Stefanakis)
him-3 staining in red in a lin-53(-) animal, dapi in blue
(Image credit: Tulsi Patel)
germline neuronal induction in lin-53(-), heat shock che-1 animals
(Image credit: Tulsi Patel)
Male tail ynIs66[flp-7p::gfp]
(Image credit: Meital Oren)
C.elegans connectome
(Image credit:
AIY interneuron
(Image credit: Ines Carrera