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Neurotransmitter Map


Figure 1 legend: Neurotransmitter map covering >90% of all neurons in the C.elegans nervous system.
Movie rendering generated by Chris Grove ( Red = ACh, Blue = GABA, Mint = Glutamate, Green = Aminergic


Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 4.33.19 PM

Figure 2 legend: Neurotransmitter map of the C.elegans head.
The data for the main three neurotransmitter systems (ACh, Glu and GABA) is from Serrano-Saiz et al., 2013, Pereira et al., 2015 and Gendrel et al., 2016.


A complete list of all neurons and neurotransmitters can be downloaded here (click on image).

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